2. Panzer-Division

Registration Agreement

Before you register to this forum you have to be contacted or have to contact people from the interview team. If this did not happen please enlist first on https://2pzd.net
When registered you will gain forum access while the interview is going. By doing this process you agree to our community rules:

I. General

1. Fundamental
Everything written in Rule 1 of I is valid for all platforms we use (including but not limited to Whatsapp, Teamspeak, Website (Forum), ArmA3, Steam)!

a) Any council member can implement or remove, temporary and permanent rules, at any time, if necessary.
b) Racism, Homophobia, antisemitism is not allowed.
c) No display or sharing of extremist political beliefs as in communism, fascism or Nazism.
d) Intoxicated people are not tolerated.
e) Personal attacks on members, guests or any individual are not tolerated.
f) No publishing of personal information. It is not acceptable to publicise anyone's contact details, including address, place of employment, telephone number, email address, private photos etc, without their consent.
g) Breaking one of these and the following rules could lead to termination from the unit (also see number 3e).
h) No toxic behaviour (being a negative influence on the community).

2. At joining the unit
a) The name choice is free but should be authentic, fitting to a german soldier of the ww2 era. A surname which is already taken by a member will not be confirmed.

b) After applying for the unit for the first time, it is necessary to do an interview with one of the designated interviewers or council members. The interviewer can decide if the new member can be accepted or not. If this decision was based on a personal decision (simply disliking someone), the council can take care of this particular case.

c) Every new member starts with the Rekrut rank. Exceptions can be made if this particular person was a member before. He will also gain access to the forum and be added to the official 2.PzD steam group.

d) Every Rekrut gets their promotion on the 4th active Sunday. Here, too, exceptions can be made if the Rekrut was very inactive during the trial process. After the promotion he becomes a full member and will be distributed to a useful spot in the units structure.

3. Membership

a) Every member represents the 2. Panzer-Division unit. Do not just respect our members, also respect other units and their members.

b) The unit does not have a single membership policy. Being a member of multiple units, clans or communities is valid and will not be punished as long as it does not conflict with our own activities.

c) All members have a rank depending on their function. The upper Leadership decides the rank.

d) In case of a cause for a complaint, it is possible to make an anonymous complaint to the ombudsman or a non-anonymous complaint to your designated Gruppenf├╝hrer.

e) Membership can be lost at anytime due to inactivity or breaking the 2.PzD community rules. The decision to remove someone from the unit can be done the council without any further consequences for the deciders.

II. Website (Forum)

1. The forum can be used by anyone who has applied for the unit and was approved by an interviewer.

2. The forum username has to be the realism name. Changing the name to something else is not accepted.

3. Profile information and avatar is free to set, as long as it does not break any of the points laid out in rule I-1.

4. The displayed rank is given by the upper Leadership and can not be changed.

5. Check the forum at least every Tuesday to get necessary information, which could include mod changes, campaign data and more.

6. Write an absence notice if you know that you can not attend an official event day.

7. Threads and comments featuring swearing, name-calling or otherwise abusive language are unacceptable.

8. Being polite and civilised is demanded, topics have to remain the focus of the debate to keep a conductive and intelligent discussion.

9. Posts have to keep relevant. They may be deleted if they are not related to the topic being discussed.

10. Comments that incite people to commit a crime will not be tolerated.

11. Comments and threads must be in English. No other languages are accepted.

12. Spamming or flooding is not allowed. Also, re-posting the same message or very similar messages, more than once, is seen as spamming.

13. No advertising, promotion of products or services, or posting of web links (URLs).

14. No impersonating. Impersonating anyone (including other members) is unacceptable.

15. Defamatory comments capable of damaging the reputation of an organisation or individual in the eyes of right thinking members of the public will not be accepted.

16. Spelling and grammar will not be corrected when comments are posted in the forum. The poster himself is responsible for his content.

17. Invalid posts or threads may not be seen by the leadership. The leadership is not responsible for the user published content but will react after notification from any member.

18. Trying to modify values by hacking the forum is strictly forbidden.

III. Teamspeak

1. The username has to be the full realism name. Exceptions can be made.

2. A choice of an avatar is free, as long as it does not break any of the points laid out in rule I-1.

3. Shouting or constantly making odd noises is forbidden.

4. It is not allowed to disturb players in the Gaming Lobbies.

5. File sharing is only allowed through the Download Channel. The max valid size per file is 50mb.

6. Memes and politic discussions are not allowed in Chat Lobby 3.

7. Soundboards are forbidden

8. Recording of people is not allowed, outside of our official events. This rule does not count if everyone in the channel agreed beforehand.

IV. Discord

1. Any Rekrut or above of the 2.PzD is eligible to join the official Discord.

2. Memes and other images are allowed as long as it is not overdone.

3. Spamming and flooding is forbidden.

4. Breaking any of the rules can cause removal from the Discord group or even from the entire unit.

V. Steam

1. Nicknames can be as desired, Clan-Tag is not mandatory.

2. Every member becomes a member of the 2.PzD Steam group to receive reminders and notifications.

3. Friend requests from the upper leadership or interviewers have to be accepted for organisational purposes.

4. It is not allowed to leave the steam group as long as you are a member of the unit.

VI. ArmA3

1. It is mandatory to change the nickname to the realism name with our Clan-Tag and rank, see Rekrut manual.

2. The 2.PzD Server can be always used for testing or playing unofficial missions, if it does not interrupt other and official events or server tests.

3. During the Sunday mission, it is necessary to obey orders of the upper ranks, to keep the hierarchy.

4. It is mandatory to select the slot of your designated Gruppe or other kind of group, unless the leadership directs you otherwise.

5. Cheats, hacks etc. are prohibited in any form.

6. Breaking the rules can cause a kick or ban from the ArmA3-Server or even from the whole unit.